My wife and I interviewed a few real-estate agents looking for the ideal candidate to sell our home in Laval, Quebec. However, after interviewing Pierre and Beverly of Via Capitale, my wife and I knew they were the agents for us.

They came to our home with all the necessary information they would need to explain to us the current market conditions for our area and were fair in their projected assessment on what we could sell the house for after seeing the house and the value it had to offer.  They were articulate, well prepared, fluently bilingual, punctual, honest, and above all else fair - They didn’t under project for a quick sale nor did they over project to entice us to go with them.

They handled everything they said they would, leaving my wife and I at ease with all the other matters we had to attend to while the house was on the market. They took care of a professional photo-shoot of our home, making recommendations on how to prep it for visitors, managed all of the visitations, and made sure our property was properly marketed and advertised through all the standard kiosk, web, and print conduits.

Needless to say, our house was on the market for only a couple months, and after about eight or nine showings, was sold at an agreeable negotiated price close within the bracketed value Pierre and Beverly projected it would sell at.

If you are looking for an honest team, familiar with modern day communication technology, who cares about the people they represent, then Pierre and Beverly of Via Capitale should be seriously considered.

The Former Laval, Quebec, Syracopoulos house hold.

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